About Slick Froyo

Slick Froyo is a delicious frozen dog treat made from double cream yogurt blended with fresh fruits and vegetables, with an added kick (we add a dog-friendly superfood to turn each cup into a tail-waggingly tasty treat).

Our frozen yogurt is a refreshing treat for the active and athletic pup. The perfect way to cool down after a long day of play.

Our carbon paw-print is teacup-sized.

Slick frozen dog treats are packaged in biodegradable cups and we use the freshest fruits and vegetables sourced from local, small-scale farmers.

Pro Pup Biotics

Yogurt is good for your pooch’s gut

Super Dog Foods

Contributes to a healthy immune system

Fruit and veg

Easily digestible and full of vitamins

Low carbon paw print

We contribute to a cleaner earth